Distribution centers


Logistics solution for Distribution Centers and Warehouses

WMS® is the Warehouse Management System solution for distribution centers and warehouses. The functionalities that WMS contemplates are oriented to work imperatively through actions or tasks organized by priorities applied to each operator. And it is the basis of the organization of tasks and balance of work effort by resource. This functionality is segmented into three groups: a.Administration: Module destined to carry out the administration of the WMS by means of the planning and Configuration of the different events that occur within the environment. In addition to containing the maintenance of the master bases and definitions of actors that operate within the distribution center. b. Traffic control in plant: Module destined to carry out the control of all the transports that enter and leave the distribution center, controlling vehicles, drivers and logistics operators. c. Operation (Mobile Terminals). Module destined to carry out the operation of the WMS through mobile terminals through of the different tasks and events defined for each operator. Responsible for controlling and monitoring the logistics, administration, sales, traceability, management circuits. In particular within the logistics operation, the monitoring throughout the life cycle of the traceability of medicines, being able to choose to serialize all of your medicines in order to carry out a univocal control of each of them, not only in the monitoring of the distribution chain but also in the profitability analysis and indicators.


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