About us

Farmatrack S.A. is a FOBESA business unit, a company specialized in the development and implementation of technology solutions for logistics, distribution and traceability of consumer goods and products.

With more than 30 years providing solutions to different industries, from mass consumption and retail to consumer electronics and the distribution of pharmaceutical products, we are leaders in the provision of software and technology solutions for logistics, distribution and traceability.

Quality and standards

At Farmatrack we work to provide quality professional solutions, we accompany our clients in the continuous improvement of processes, focusing on quality of service with more than 30 years of experience.

Our values

We are the first company to implement traceability on barcode and RFID technologies in the pharmaceutical industry. Given the high degree of specialization generated in this industry, Farmatrack® was created to implement specific solutions for the players in the pharmaceutical manufacturing and distribution industry: laboratories, drug stores, distributors and logistics operators.

With nine millions of units traced since its creation, we provide software and infrastructure to guarantee efficient distribution and quality assurance to the pharmaceutical and health care industry, for all its products.