Electronic prescription
Management and authorization of electronic Prescription

FARMACONNECT® e-Prescription

FARMACONNECT® e-Recetas is a WEB platform

Created with the objective of managing, authorizing and controlling the electronic prescriptions of the Health Insurance Agent.
The platform includes the ecosystem of the healthcare professional, pharmacy, patient and health insurance agent.
The health professional will be able to prescribe the patient from the platform, controlling the consumption of the same for chronic treatments, once the prescription is authorized, the pharmacy will be able to view it in the Pharmacies portal, enabling the delivery of the medications to the affiliate.

The platform has a portal to:

  • Portal Agent of the health insurance (administers, manages and authorizes) ·

  • Health Professional Portal, prescribes the prescription and views the patient's history. ·

  • Pharmacy Portal, consult and dispense the prescription electronically prescribed by the health professional. ·

  • Help Desk Portal, who are in charge of clearing up doubts or managing prescriptions in the event of a service outage of the communications line from the pharmacy. (example, internet cut in pharmacy)

The platform has a powerful authorization engine, to which the different external systems that operate in pharmacies can be connected in order to authorize prescriptions and allow dispensing to the patient.

Benefits  ·

  • Decreases the accumulation of medications. ·

  • Improves pharmaco-therapeutic adherence. ·

  • Increases comfort for the patient. ·

  • Promotes a rational use of medicine. ·

  • The pharmacist can consult the patient's medical history. ·

  • Allows the patient to be informed about her medication. ·

  • Improves safety in the use of medication. ·

  • The health insurance agent administers and manages the authorizations according to your needs. ·

  • The health professional can operate on the platform for all health insurance agents that are part of the Farmaconect e-Recetas ecosystem.


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