Mercury ERP
Integral management


ERP Solution for Drugstores

Mercury® is an ERP solution designed for comprehensive drug store control. See the circuits of:

- Supply: Purchase orders, reception, replacement.

- Commercial policies: products, price lists, discounts, etc.

- Product catalogue synchronization with alphabeta

- Accounts payable: pre-invoice control, purchase invoice accounting, payment circuit, generation of withholdings.

- Sales: Budgets, Sales Notes, Authorizations, remittances, direct and indirect invoicing, generation of perceptions.

- Sales management: Affiliate monitoring, pharmacy monitoring, documentation audit.

- Deposit: inventory, customer returns, temperature control, order picking, distribution organization, generation of labels and assembly of packs, dispatch control, dispatch authorization (COT).

- Accounts receivable: customer checking account, collection, credit notes, debit notes.

- Treasury and Banks: deposits, issuance of checks, cash, bank reconciliation, check cash flow.

- Quality: batch release

- Exports to AFIP, SIAP, SIFERE

-Accounting and financial administration

- Serialization of products, trace start for products not traced from origin.

- Transmission to the National Traceability System (SNT) of all logistic events and traceable products.


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