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All the intervening actors of the drugs legal supply chain, who have been authorized by the user laboratory, can access the information.
Each actor can have access to “its own information”.

All the members of the drug supply chain who are an active part of the distribution process. To access the system, they need to be registered by the laboratory producer of the drug, as part of the commercial cycle.

For its basic version it is necessary to have access to the Internet, a PC with Internet Explorer and a barcode reader.

It depends on the actor and the type of operation to be executed. In the case of the Laboratories, Distributors and Logistic Operators each one has its system integration method which is specifically designed, according to its own operation methodology and central ERP. FOBESA´s experts shall generate optimal interfaces.
Drugstores and the supply channel can connect directly to the system (through the Internet) or by means of FarmaConect, the real time interface designed for those actors with large operating volumes.
Health Professionals and patients can connect through the website (www.farmatrack.com.ar), SMS or calling the 0800 number of the laboratory.

Yes, only those authorized by the laboratory can have access to Farmatrack. Patients and health professionals can only have access to a certain amount of information which is needed to validate the drug.

Yes, by means of interactive interfaces (such as FarmaConect or PickiX) which have been already developed and which are easy to integrate.

Farmatrack is in real time, so the transaction is performed on Farmatrack. There are no information transfer processes taking place. This is the main guarantee of the drug’s data security, authenticity, and quality.

The current infrastructure has a twenty-year storage capacity. This is not a restricting factor as our Datacenter can multiply ten times the current infrastructure.

Farmatrack tag has been developed by FOBESA´s engineers and it is manufactured in the plants specifically prepared for the production, in accordance with the security and quality norms required by the pharmaceutical industry. It is supplied by Farmatrack and it is part of the global traceability solution.

Yes. Farmatrack fully responds to the requirements of the GMP norms in the pharmaceutical industry and complies with the GS1 commerce standards and products traceability.

Yes, we ensure that our solutions are always up-to-date to the latest regulatory traceability standards. The transmission of the different events are analyzed by the platform and transmitted in real time to the National Traceability System.