Farmaconnect: Tracking of deliveries
Track deliveries from estimate to delivery

FARMACONNECT® Tracking of deliveries

FARMACONNECT® Tracking of deliveries is the solution oriented to carry out the follow-up from the discharge of the request of the budget to delivery and final billing

Solution aimed at centralizing the tracking of purchase requests to a supplier until the final delivery. It is a platform on which the client registers a purchase request, and its provider synchronizes each change in the status of said request by connecting to the platform, generating the cycle life of the processes until delivery and final billing.
The client will be able to visualize the life cycle of their request from the approval of the request through an approved budget, the generation of the sales note, the preparation of the same, the issuance of the remittance, the invoicing, departure from the office, and confirmation of final delivery by the supplier.


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