Farmaconnect NETWORK of pharmacies
Traceability for logistics pharmacies


Traceability solution for Drugstores and Pharmacies

Farmaconnect Red de Farmacias® is a WEB platform aimed at controlling the life cycle of the distribution of medical products in Drugstores / Distributors / Logistics Operators to its network of dispensing pharmacies. By means of a simple integration, connect your system and publish the remittances sent to your network of pharmacies, they will only have to enter the platform by means of username and password and they will be able to receive, dispense the patient or return to the supplier. The platform will be in charge of informing the SNT of the transaction in the event that the shipment is made up of products that require traceability. The Drugstore, Distributor or logistics operator will have full control of each remittance and the traceability information thereof, including the SNT response ID of the dispensation, ensuring the arrival of the product to the patient to the social work, optimizing the settlements at the social works.


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